Are You Missing Classes Because of the Cold?


Our Survey Results Revealed

Thank you to everyone who took part in our student survey in September. The results are in, and they’re quite surprising.

As hundreds of thousands of students returned to university to start the new academic year, concerns about the cost of heating and its implications on people’s health were highlighted in our Twitter survey.

More than half of people questioned (51%) admitted to falling ill due to the effects of their cold accommodation. Shockingly, more than one third of people (34%) stated the quality of their work suffered due to the cold, while 9% admitted to missing classes and lectures as they were unable to get out from under their warm duvets.

Almost one-third of students surveyed stated they couldn’t afford other essentials if they paid for heating in their accommodation, while almost one quarter (24%) worryingly said that suffering without central heating causes depression.

When their room is cold, 54% reported that their studies were affected, with more than one in ten (13%) stating they stop working altogether in order to find a way to keep warm.

One fifth of students spend more time in their rooms, keeping warm under their duvets when the weather turns cold, which can lead to isolation and depression. Parents worry about their children heading off to university enough, without the added concerns of them falling ill or depressed due to worrying about putting on the central heating.

Do any of these stats ring true for you? We experienced a spike in electric blanket sales in August and September, ahead of the winter rush for Dreamland, and we’ve put this down to students anticipating much more cost-effective ways to stay warm and healthy as autumn and winter draw in.

An electric blanket was voted most-desired gift for students, so why not take a look at some of our energy-efficient heated bedding to give your student some luxury in their home away from home?