Daily Mail resident expert values heated blanket for wellbeing

Guest blog by accredited Nutritional Therapist, resident nutritional expert for the Daily Mail and ELLE Magazine and founder of NutriLife Clinic, Janine Fahri


Janine Fahri is an accredited Nutritional Therapist who works with patients, often through referral by medical practitioners, to promote optimal health and make sure that people can live their life to the full, whether through dietary or lifestyle improvements.

Heat can be a key contributor to healing and wellness and, searching a heated blanket for use with patients in her clinical sessions, Janine found the Dreamland Intelliheat Sleepwell Mattress Protector to be the only 100% cotton product available.

Here’s what Janine had to say about her Dreamland experience.

“It’s incredibly important to me that I use natural products throughout all my clinical sessions. Whether natural, unprocessed foods, natural healing methods or natural fibres, focusing on a nutrient rich diet and healthy living reduces stress on the body and promotes health and wellbeing. Today’s busy lifestyles coupled with environmental pollution make increasingly heavy demands on our bodies, and a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle prevents the body from functioning at peak performance.

“The heat from the Intelliheat mattress protector is very soothing, and its 100 per cent natural cotton promise supports everything that I stand for and encourage my clients to adopt. I specialise in anti-inflammation in the body, and the importance of keeping warm plays a key part in anti-inflammatory health and relaxation.

“The heated mattress protector has helped improve the overall patient experience. The system heats up very quickly – almost instantly – and the variable heat controls mean the heat setting can be tailored to suit individual needs.”

Janine is also using the Dreamland Faux Fur Heated Cushion and Relaxwell deluxe Faux Fur Throw at her exclusive clinic in London W1 and her newly opened practice in Marbella.

Janine continues: “I noticed an immediate benefit to having the heated cushion on the sofa of my reception room, where it acts as the perfect introduction to the clinic. There’s nothing better to put you at ease and start to chase away any aches and pains than a soothing and warm cushion on your lower back.

“The stylish faux fur throw is delightfully cosy and patients have experienced benefits from its health-promoting and relaxing heat and sensory properties.

Janine concludes: “Many of my clients not only comment on the products, they’ve bought their own to continue the therapeutic experience at home, which is something I strongly recommend.“

If you’d like to read more about the range of heated blankets, mattress protectors, throws and cushions, visit our products page. To understand more about the many health and wellbeing benefits nutritional therapy offers, visit NutriLife Clinic.

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