Dreamland’s Tips for the Summer

Great British Summertime is in full swing so it’s the perfect chance to give your Dreamland heated fleece blankets, heated cotton mattress covers, heated cotton duvets and luxury heated throws a breath of fresh air and let them catch some rays. Whether you are using them at the moment or simply storing them until the cooler weather sets in, your Dreamland products can benefit from the restorative powers of the sun. Over the next few weeks we recommend you take this opportunity, before the autumn and winter weather arrives.

Dreamland’s range of heated bedding is perfectly safe for both washing machines and tumble dryers, as long as the instructions on the label are followed. Typically, this means the simple removal of the detachable controls, which can be re-inserted once the product is fully dry and ready for use again.

Cleaning and hanging out your bedding products to dry in the sunshine is hygienic, with studies showing that UV rays can kill bacteria and other undesirables. And if you don’t have time to run the cover through the wash, airing it out on the line during the daytime sunshine is an easy way of freshening the bedding products up, instead of simply packing them away and forgetting about them until the autumn.

It’s also a great chance to be a little creative. We know that people have all sorts of unique tricks to ensure that they get a great night’s sleep. For example, those with allergies often use specific sensitive cleaning products, detergents and softeners, but they can be a great way for anybody to get a softer and more sensitive duvet.

This is also a good opportunity to make use of other methods to freshen up your Dreamland product. Adding scents to your blankets can further boost the fresh experience, with lavender oil a perennial favourite, in addition to other essential oils such as eucalyptus and rose oil. As it’s the summertime, we can also experiment a little – what about using other flowers or plants as inspiration? We’re eager to hear about your creative summertime blanket cleaning and freshening tips.

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