Serious Savings with Dreamland


We know how difficult it is to function in ‘happy mode’ when you’re feeling cold. In fact, the cold and its effects are proven to negatively impact people’s health, quality of work and has kept many under their duvets when they should have been elsewhere!

We’re equally aware that staying warm can be a luxury for British families trying to stretch their ever-decreasing household budgets, so it’s pointless to promote the benefits of a warm home if it’s just not financially feasible for many.

One of our customers, equally fed up with spiralling energy costs, decided to take action on the warm-home-front and on the back of receiving an outrageous increase in her energy bill switched off her central heating.

Well, it was not quite as dramatic as that, and admittedly a percentage of the increase came about due to her using two additional oil heaters in her home. However, she was not expecting to be informed that the costs of her monthly bill were to double as a result, so this winter she put her family on an energy-saving programme.

Out went the oil heaters, in came Dreamland’s Intelliheat mattress covers and throws. The central heating was only allowed to be used for two hours in the morning to heat the house before the kids had to get ready for school and during breakfast, and then again for two hours at school home-time.

In the evening the family snuggled under our Relaxwell Faux Fur heated throws and Sleepwell’s Intelliheat cotton mattress covers provided the consistent cosy warmth required for a good night’s sleep.

When her quarterly bill arrived in March this year she was incredulous at the cost-effectiveness of her campaign. A refund of over £800 was credited to her account and her monthly tariff was back down to pre-extortion days.

When we pushed her on what other energy saving activities she had implemented, she insisted that the only change was the elimination of the oil heaters and the use of our products. What can we say, our lovely customer put us to the test and we’ve come up trumps.

Please let us know if you too have either saved money or dazzled in home design with one of our products – as always we love to hear from you.