How Do You Use Your Heated Blanket?

As we gear up for another exciting year, the weather has well and truly turned. Here at Dreamland HQ the frost has descended and the walk to work is a constant battle to stay upright. It’s times like these that really call for a heated blanket, so we hope you all found one in your stocking and that you’re as cosy as can be as we welcome in the New Year.


We’ve been taking a look through Instagram @dreamlanduk to make sure that you’re all warm this New Year and selecting our favourite heated blanket pictures to show off in this blog. Whether it’s keeping you warm with a favourite book, or been stolen by a furry interloper here are our top five examples.





Our first example is something that the Dreamland team can all relate to! Bringing a heated blanket in as an office companion will guarantee you’re the envy of the team and could improve your productivity. There’s no more arguing over the heating when you’re wrapped up in a heated blanket!





This is a more traditional use of the heated blanket, but that’s not to say it’s any less fantastic. There really is nothing better than getting in from a long day of work and cuddling up on the sofa with a brew, a good book and your heated blanket. Take some time out for yourself, you deserve it!




Now this is certainly an unexpected user for a heated blanket, albeit completely adorable. It’s certainly got our team wondering about the feasibility of creating a blanket that is that large relative to people, can you imagine how cosy that would be?





This is a classic. Cat owners everywhere will understand that everything you own is only borrowed, and can be claimed by your fur baby whenever they please. When there’s a toasty heated blanket on offer it’s really no surprise that this cheeky customer has staked his claim.




Of course, it wouldn’t be right if the cats got to have all the fun. This cheeky pair are seeing out the winter together with the help of their owner’s heated blanket, which, let’s face it, probably just adds to the warmth on offer from the blanket.


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