Intelliheat Soft Fleece Fitted Underblanket

From £44.99 - £79.99

Dreamland’s Intelliheat’s Premium Fleece FITTED Underblanket comes with EASY FIT elasticated straps, secures to the mattress far quicker than with fiddly tie tapes. Intelliheat technology cleverly responds to temperature changes while you sleep.
It heats up super fast in only 5 minutes and Costs from as little as 1p per night to run.

16211 Single

16212 Double

16213 Double Dual  – 2 conrols

16214 King Dual – 2 controls


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Product Features

• 100% Soft Fleece

• Premium soft fleece keeps you warm and cosy, with added foot warmth

• It lies on top of the mattress, and is secured in place with elasticated straps

• Intelliheat technology, Easy to use digital control, 6 temperature settings, just choose your preferred temperature, then just set it and forget it

• Fast heat up in just 5 minutes

• The cheapest to run, costs from as little as 1p per night to use

• Built in Auto shut off timer 1hr and 9hrs

• Suitable for pre heating your bed and all night

Single – RRP £44.99 – H5611
Double – RRP £54.99 – H5612
Double Dual – RRP £69.99 – H5613
King Dual – RRP £79.99 – H5614