How to Get Warm in Bed Quickly - 10 Cosy Hacks

How to Get Warm in Bed Quickly - 10 Cosy Hacks

Find it hard to fall asleep because you’re too cold? You’re not alone! If you’re feeling the pinch in your energy bills, here are some helpful tips for how to get warm in bed fast.

From household hacks to energy-saving products, keep cosy all night with our top tips.

1. Keep your bedroom warm 

A comfortable bedroom is the first step to feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep.

With the rising cost of living, it can be tempting to cut back on heating. However, staying warm is important for your health – nothing can replace getting a good night’s sleep.

Many central heating systems allow you to set a timer to control when your heating comes on. Set your timer to warm your bedroom to around 16-18 degrees (your bedroom should be warm, but not too warm, for the best sleep) at the time when you’re going to bed.

Or, to save on central heating, a fan heater can warm up a bedroom quickly and efficiently.

Read our handy blog on how to save money on heating your home for more tips.

2. Choose the right bedding 

If you feel chilly in bed, maybe you need a higher tog rating on your duvet? A thick duvet will trap warm air and keep you cocooned in warmth. Common tog ratings include:

  • 1-4.5 – great for summer, or as an extra layer 
  • 7-10.5 – for middle seasons of spring and autumn
  • 10.5 – if you only want one duvet, choose this tog
  • 13.5+ – extra cosy, ideal for chilly winter months

Some duvets come as a detachable duo, a thin summer one and a medium one, which can be put together during the winter months. The material of duvets and bedding also affects warmth – down duvets and fleecy sheets will keep you warmer than cotton.

3. Use an electric blanket

One of the biggest game changers for making your bed warm is an electric blanket.

Whether you prefer a more traditional heated underblanket or a portable heated throw, electric blankets can preheat your bedding and keep you comfortable all night. An underblanket is designed to be laid on top of and a throw goes over your duvet.

To get warm quickly in bed, a fast heat-up time is essential. Dreamland blankets heat up in just 5 minutes, are cheap to run, and offer different heat levels and safety features.

“No more going to bed with cold sheets in the winter, no need for a hot water bottle, socks and extra layers.” – SuzieQ on the Hunker Down Underblanket

4. Enjoy a soak before bed

There’s a reason why having a bath before bed is so popular. Having a warm soak or shower an hour or so before bed helps you wind down, and warms your whole body.

To help you feel extra sleepy, try some lavender bath salts or bubble bath.

5. Wear thick, cosy nightwear 

Fleece pyjamas may not be the most glamorous, but they keep you so toasty. Natural fabrics like wool trap air and keep you insulated, while a wool-mix is more breathable.

Opting for big, baggy styles that will trap heat and help you feel comfortable in bed. 

You can also find nightwear made from thermal materials. However, if you find you’re waking up feeling too hot, you may prefer more breathable fabrics like silk or cotton.

If you’re having a bath, why not leave your pyjamas on a heated towel rail to warm up!

6. Add extra layers or cushions

Layering lots of bedding traps warm air in bed with you, and you can easily take layers off if you get too warm. Try an extra flannel or fleece blanket, or toss on an old quilt. And don’t underestimate the power of a few pillows or plushies to hold your body heat.

7. Take a warm drink to bed

Enjoying a comforting cup of (decaffeinated) tea before bed can work wonders, temporarily warming you from the inside out. Sip mindfully as you prepare to drift to sleep.

8. Keep your feet toasty 

Your feet can lose a lot of heat when you’re in bed. Wearing a pair of slippers and thick bed socks can make your whole body feel warmer. There’s nothing like changing into your slippers after a hard day at work, and the right socks can stop the shivers in bed.

If you have hard floors that get cold, invest in a rug to keep your feet warm. A foot warmer gives instant warmth and relaxation – making a great addition to your bedtime routine.

Lastly, a good old-fashioned hot water bottle can help get your feet warm quickly.

9. Cuddle a pet or partner 

Share body heat by snuggling close to your partner or pet. Having a cuddle keeps you warm and releases oxytocin, known as the ‘cuddle hormone’, which reduces stress.

If you’re feeling cheeky, ask your partner to warm your side of the bed before you get in!

10. Move around a bit in bed

When you get into bed, try moving around underneath your bedding to generate heat. 

Rubbing your hands and legs together can help you warm up fast if you’re cold in bed. If you’ve got plenty of layers of bedding, the warmth shouldn’t be able to escape easily.

Advice from Dreamland experts

“For a cosy bed, we recommend layering breathable bedding and pre-heating your bed with an electric blanket. Keeping your bedroom warm with timed central heating or an electric fan heater will also help you have a restful night’s sleep. If all else fails, snuggling up with a partner or pet is a good way to share body heat and avoid feeling chilly.”




What’s the cheapest way to stay warm in bed?

A cheap way to stay warm in bed is an electric blanket, combined with a thick duvet. They cost pennies to run, and can often work out cheaper than blasting your central heating. Wearing thick nightwear and socks, and also covering your head can help retain heat.

Why am I so cold when I go to bed at night?

There are many reasons for getting cold at night. During the evening, temperatures naturally lower due to there being no sunlight. If you use a timer to control your central heating, ensure it comes on ready for when you’re going to bed so you feel warm. 

Your body temperature cools down before and during sleep, and some medical conditions can make you feel especially chilly – if you’re concerned, it can be worth asking a doctor.

How to keep elderly people or children warm?

Elderly people may find it harder to get warm at night, due to a slower metabolic rate or health conditions. If an elderly loved one is feeling the chill in bed, a combination of an electric underblanket, thermal layers, and high-quality bedding can help them feel better. This should heat their bedroom for when they go to bed, at a minimum of 18 degrees.

Children can find it hard to go to sleep, but being warm is one step to help them drift off. Thick and cosy pyjamas or an extra duvet or throw can help them stay warm. For nippy toes, try a safe hot water bottle. A bed full of cuddly toys can also help hold on to heat.

How can I stay warm in bed without heating?

It’s important to keep your house warm for your health and wellbeing. However, you can time central heating to be off while you’re asleep – a cooler room actually helps sleep. 

Insulate your bed with layers of bedding to help retain body heat through the night. Our warming bedding features Intelliheat technology, which helps you stay warm all night and avoid overheating. Wearing thermal nightwear or snuggling with a partner also works.

What about keeping warm during the winter?

To make your bed cosy in winter, ensure you’re using the correct tog of duvet. Again, using a heated blanket or mattress protector can help give an extra boost of warmth.

If your bedroom gets very cold in the winter, a fan heater can make it warmer fast. You should also check to see if there are any drafts in your home, and seal these up to stop heat from escaping. Read our full guide to how to keep warm in winter for more ideas.

Winter is also the best time to wear thick flannel or fleece pyjamas, chunky socks in bed, or even a woolly hat! Winter drinks like cocoa and warm milk can also help with sleep.

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