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Relieve tension at the touch of a button with our electric heat pads. Designed from soft-touch velvety fabric that’s kind to even sensitive skin, our Revive range can be used all over the body. Providing instant warmth, relaxation, and a way to take control of your wellbeing.
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What is an Electric Heat Pad?

An electric heat pad is a super soft blanket that you can control at the touch of a button. These pads deliver soothing and safe warmth to any part of your body by moulding to you. Designed to be used in any setting, heat pads deliver precise temperature control. This offers a full treatment to improve your well-being. With customisable settings, you can take control of your relaxation in your downtime. Whether you're looking to relieve tension, ease discomfort or have a little cosy up on a chilly day, electric heat pads can be applied to parts of your body to help you relax.

5 minute fast heat up

Warm up in just 5 minutes with our fast heating technology

Energy saving from 1p to run

Our heating products start from just 1p to run*

Auto safety controls

Sleep peacefully with automatic safety controls

Intelliheat detachable control

Stay in control without getting up from your slumber

Machine washable and tumble dryer safe

Keep it clean with minimal effort and no fuss

The Benefits of Electric Heat Pads

Targeted heat

Concentrate warmth precisely where you need it

Quick treatment

Fast relief from cold-related discomfort

Therapeutic benefits

Ease brought to your muscle tension

Catered to your comfort 

Tailor the warmth to your comfort

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Soft and gentle hypoallergenic materials

Why Choose a Dreamland Electric Heat Pad?

Our electric heat pads are designed to let your body truly rest. If you’re looking for a regular heat pad for a range of uses, a back heat pad, or a neck and shoulders heat pad, our luxurious range is contemporary and snug.

Intelliheat detachable control 

Our electric heat pads are made with Intelliheat technology, ensuring they warm up in just 5 minutes. You'll appreciate the detachable control, which allows you to effortlessly fine-tune your ideal heat settings without ever leaving the comfort of your cosy spot.

5 Minute fast heat up 

Crafted with your comfort in mind, our electric heat pads feature luxurious materials designed to provide year-round comfort. We use organic and natural fibres, ensuring warmth during winter and coolness in summer.

Energy saving

Our energy-saving heat pads start from just 1p to run. They are designed to provide the warmth you crave while being mindful of energy consumption. Optimise your comfort, and your energy consumption.

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Heat Pad FAQs

Are electric heating pads good for you?

Electric heating pads can be very beneficial for your wellbeing. They are specifically designed to provide targeted warmth and comfort, which can help relax muscles and promote relaxation.

Do heating pads use a lot of energy?

Our range of electric heating pads are designed with energy-efficient features, such as timers. This offers not only a fully customisable experience, but also means that you have complete control over the amount of energy used. This helps you save on energy costs while still enjoying the benefits of warmth and comfort.