Energy Saving

As energy prices continue to rise, keeping costs down over the colder months is a top priority for many households. Rather than wastefully heating empty rooms, a smarter way to save costs is to channel heat exactly where you need it - the body.

Here at Dreamland, we're committed to providing affordable heating solutions that will help you save money without sacrificing comfort. Our electric blankets use just a fraction of the energy required for traditional heating yet deliver total body warmth all day and night long.

For daytime use, our throws and pads are lightweight companions. Automatically adapting to your body temperature and with an auto-shut-off timer, they keep energy consumption to a minimum based on your individual needs. Snuggle up for less whether working or relaxing. You'll wake feeling refreshed instead of frozen, for as little as 1p** to run.



Usage time

Energy consumption*


Mattress Protectors








Heat Throws




Heat Pads





Browse our selection today to beat winter's chill and significantly reduce your energy bills this season. Stay warm without breaking the bank. 


*Test based on a 5-minute heat-up at maximum degree and auto shift to degree of 3 (laboratory report EN-IEC 60299 by DEKRA, 10 July 2014) 
** Based on OFGEM Energy unit price cap from 1 October 2023. Precise cost will be dependent on domestic electricity prices at the time of use.

All of our Dreamland products come with either a 2 or 3 year guarantee (see product instruction booklet for further details). If your product stops working within this time, or has a fault, simply contact our customer service team, who will be happy to help you.