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Experience instant warmth and comfort with our quiet fan heaters. Efficient and stylish, these compact heaters swiftly extract the cold. This ensures you stay cosy in your living space or work setting. Say goodbye to shivers and hello to rapid, even heating.
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What are Quiet Fan Heaters?

Quiet fan heaters provide the perfect blend of warmth and tranquillity. These small blow heaters use SUPER SILENT technology. They provide warmth in silence, with balanced temperature and efficient power usage. This helps to envelop your surroundings. As fan heaters work, they purify the air around you. This helps you set your perfect ambience. The embracing warmth complements the fresh, clean air you breathe. Silent fan heaters are designed to sit in your home or work setting. They quietly work in the background, making student halls a little warmer or keeping your living room cosy and peaceful.

5 minute fast heat up

Warm up in just 5 minutes with our fast heating technology

Energy saving from 1p to run

Our heating products start from just 1p to run*

Auto safety controls

Sleep peacefully with automatic safety controls

Intelliheat detachable control

Stay in control without getting up from your slumber

Machine washable and tumble dryer safe

Keep it clean with minimal effort and no fuss

The Benefits of Using a Fan Heater

Quick heating

Instant, inviting warmth

Quiet mark certified

Certified by Quiet Mark

Different functions

Easily customise your climate

Antifreeze function

Safe and cool

Programmable timer

Set your session time

Why Choose a Dreamland Quiet Fan Heater?

Our silent fan heaters create a safe, warm and relaxing atmosphere. They are Quiet mark certified, ensuring your safety is a key focus. Discover our eco-friendly range, including the pure fan heater, the eco fan heater and the power protection fan heater. Our selection of cheap to run heaters also includes comfort fan heaters and compact air fan heaters

Silent Power technology

This innovative technology balances power usage and noise levels to create a harmonious environment. Whether you're in a peaceful study, enjoying family time, or concentrating on work, our fan heaters prioritise serenity.

IONISER pristine air quality technology

Our specialised IONISER air quality technology ensures you are breathing pure, fresh air. Negative ions bind to the polluting particles in the air, making dust, smoke, pollen, and bacteria deposit on the ground.

Rapid heating

Every time you turn our quiet fan heaters on, they heat up quickly but gently. This allows the perfect temperature to be reached, without creating loud noise or compromising on safety.

Aesthetic colours

Our fan heaters are designed in elegant colourways. This makes sure that not only do they do their job of keeping you cosy, but also blend into your surroundings. We prioritise the aesthetics of our products, to make sure they don’t feel out of place.

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Fan Heaters: FAQs

Do fan heaters make noise?

Our fan heaters are designed with your peace and tranquillity in mind. Utilising SUPER SILENT technology, these fan heaters operate with minimal noise. You'll hardly notice them working their magic as they gently warm your surroundings.

What are the benefits of using a fan heater?

Using a fan heater brings a multitude of benefits. These heaters provide precisely targeted warmth, getting rid of cold-related discomfort. Their therapeutic qualities ease muscle tension, creating an environment of relaxation. Our favourite advantage is the ability to customise the warmth to your perfect comfort, letting you relax in your safe space.

Are the Dreamland fan heaters energy efficient?

Dreamland fan heaters are designed with energy efficient technology. Our heaters are made with eco-friendly tech to optimise power usage. This ensures you stay warm without unnecessary energy consumption. By choosing a Dreamland fan heater, you not only enjoy a cosy and comfortable environment but also contribute to a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating solution.