How to use electric blankets

how to use an electric blanket

Electric blankets are a great way to keep warm throughout cold nights and breezy days. Dreamland’s electric blankets can be kept on throughout the night and have been tested to high-level international standards. 

In this article, you will learn how to effectively use your new electric blanket from industry professionals.

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How hot do electric blankets get?

Electric blankets can differ in temperature, but normally they will come with a variety of settings for you to enjoy. A Dreamland electric blanket is not celsius specified, we use Intelliheat Technology that monitors the body temperature along the room to keep the optimal

Can electric blankets be left on overnight? 

Yes, a Dreamland electric blanket can be left overnight if you would prefer. With Intelliheat technology, our blankets heat up in 5 minutes and then will automatically shut off after being on for more than nine hours, so you can get your valuable beauty sleep whilst being warm and cosy.

Are electric blankets safe?

Dreamland electric blankets have been tested and designed with safety in mind, following strict international standards, Kema Keur. All blankets with auto safety controls for peace of mind.

Using an electric blanket

using an electric blanket

When using an electric blanket, or under blanket you can typically use them as you would any other blanket or mattress topper, but as you can expect, there are some additional steps you should consider.

Read the instructions provided

When using any electric blanket, the first thing you should do is read the manual or instructions. Typically, every blanket should come with a set of instructions for you to follow so that you get the most of your toasty addition.

Check the blanket

Once you have read the instructions that have come with your electric blanket, you should then review it for tears, frays and other imperfections. If any issues with your new purchase have been discovered, you should return your blanket as soon as you can.

Place your electric blanket in the right spot

This next step is simple, just place the electric blanket where you would like! You can fit your blanket just as you would a mattress topper, but be sure to look for an electric blanket that fits your bed perfectly.

Blankets for different-sized beds can be found below:

Plug your electric blanket in & turn it on

Once the blanket is in its perfect spot, you can then use our remote control to turn your electric blanket on! Just pick your preferred temperature and feel your bed warm up in just 5 minutes. 

You can now enjoy the many benefits of having an electric blanket in your home, including cheap running costs, intelliheat technology and low power consumption.

The benefits of using an electric blanket

a woman enjoying using an electric blanket

Cost-saving capabilities

When using a Dreamland electric blanket, one of the great benefits you will find is that our range of heating products has been designed with energy-saving in mind. All our products start from just 1p to run* and can save individuals money on their monthly heating bills.

Machine Washable

There’s not a better feeling than getting into a freshly cleaned duvet, so why wouldn't you want to do the same with your electric blanket? 

Dreamlands blanket is machine washable and tumble dryer safe so you can keep your new blanket clean with minimal effort and fuss.

Superb Control

With a detachable controller and 4 temperature settings to choose from, flexibility and full control is what a dreamland under a blanket gives you. Easily change the temperature of the blanket whilst laying in its warm embrace and feel the temperature change in less than 5 minutes.

Some Dreamland under blankets come with even more control, with 6 temperature settings to choose from!

Electric blankets: over or under?

The two most popular versions of electric blankets are overblankets and under blankets, but what are the main differences between them?

More about Over Blankets

Over blankets, also known as heated throws, are blankets that can be used in a multitude of ways. Some over blankets are thrown on top of beds, to be used as an additional duvet, whilst some people just use over blankets as a traditional blanket. 

These types of blankets can be great for university students or people living on their own that want to be warmer but want to avoid unnecessary heating bills.

 More about Under Blankets

Under blankets are a type of electric blanket that typically sit under the duvet of a bed. These blankets can be fitted under or over the bedding sheet, but this ultimately comes down to personal preference. 

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